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Bound by Dimensions1_edited_edited_edited.png

I am continually inspired by the overlooked beauty created by the passing of time - erosion, patina, rust, and scars. My artwork is filled with vintage found objects, salvaged cast-offs, and forgotten artifacts that tell a story of a life gone by. The weathered characteristics of these objects are the foundation for my assemblage art and echoes of these past histories are evident in each piece of my artwork. 


I often highlight the basic form, shape, and color of these raw materials. I look at these objects through an unconventional lens instead of seeing them solely for their intended use. Instead of a broken chair leg, I see a beautiful piece of carved wood. Instead of old rusted bedsprings, I see spiral shapes with colorful patina.

Sourcing materials is integral to my creative process. I'm continually on the hunt for intriguing items that may hopefully find their way into my artwork. I find inspiration everywhere - antique stores, second-hand shops, yard sales, flea markets, and dusty desert wanderings. These places are all endless sources of inspiration and supplies. 

While treasure hunting is where my creative process begins, the next stage is deciding which items fit together. My process is intuitive, arranging and rearranging unrelated items on my work table until I see a connection. The final step, and sometimes the most challenging, is the actual assembly. My pieces are constructed using a combination of screws, nails, wire, cement, and stitching. 

We all have a past, a life lived, a story to tell – as do objects. Pieces of those histories are preserved and woven throughout my art. 

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